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Physical Preparedness: Run Like Your Life Depends On It; One Day Soon… It Just Might

2017-08-21T01:25:05+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

When TSHTF and bugging out is your only option, how far do you think you’ll get if you find yourself out of breath after climbing a single flight of stairs? It’s no secret that I feel that physical preparedness is one of, if not the most, overlooked skill set needed for survival. Most that are focussed on emergency preparedness devote a great deal of time and expense to getting prepared. Their food, water, and shelter needs are all addressed and good to go. Unfortunately, when it comes to the ability to move out on varied terrain, with a 50 pound backpack, most survivalists come up short. Physical Preparedness: Run As If Your Life Depended On It I completely understand that life and packed schedules tend to get in the way of devoting time to physical fitness. But you need to keep in mind what that may cost you and your family in an actual crisis. The ability to travel on foot, at a relatively fast pace, may mean the difference between getting to safety or just becoming a statistic. L..

How To Defend Your Home And Your Family From Drone Attacks

2017-08-21T01:25:07+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

In today’s ever-accelerating technological world, it’s no surprise that drones have been evolving to every imaginable end. Recent FAA reports indicate that while there are currently over 770,000 registered drones in the US, that number is expected to “more than triple in size from 1.1 million UAVs [currently, including unregistered and commercial drones] to 3.55 million, and the number of commercial vehicles to grow tenfold to 442,000 by 2021. Pilot licenses, meanwhile, will jump from 37,000 to 281,300 in five years.” While the vast majority of drones have been utilized in an ethical and legal fashion, the door is wide open for opportunistic exploitation by those who would wish us harm. Whether it’s hacking attempts on your personal Wi-Fi or the creep down the road that won’t let your daughter tan in privacy, drones pose a considerable threat to our personal safety and security. In this article, we will be discussing drone defense and why it’s so important. Drone Defens..

Making Pemmican: The Ultimate Survival Food

2017-08-20T03:14:06+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

In survival scenarios, it is vital that you have a consistent source of protein. This means a great deal of hunting, fishing, and trapping. However, you may find yourself facing a common survival dilemma – and making pemmican is a good way to solve that! Making Pemmican: How To Preserve Meat To Last Ages What do you do to preserve your meat? Without refrigeration, it will be spoiled and full of maggots within hours. Anytime you take more meat than you can eat in one or two sittings, you must have a way to preserve that meat. Making it into Pemmican is an excellent solution. Pemmican is a mixture of dried meat, fat, and other ingredients that can be stored without refrigeration for anywhere from a few months to decades depending on the mixture and conditions. It was invented by Native Americans to give them a protein source that would last and could easily be carried while traveling. Often scouts and hunters would need a food like pemmican to take with them on their long journeys. In ..

Heirloom Seeds: Are They Part Of Your Preparedness Plan?

2017-08-17T02:31:18+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

There seems to be a never ending list of gear and items that are required during an emergency situation. There are so many factors that are difficult to address due to the unknowns. If you were to ask ten different survivalists for a list of their “Top” preparedness items, you’d probably get 10 different answers.And that’s perfectly OK! Every individual has a different location, climate, season and experience level to deal with. However, food and water supplies certainly position high on that list for all of us. This is why growing your own food from heirloom seeds is highly beneficial. Heirloom Seeds: Preparedness Plan Essentials When it comes to food, there are many valid methods that will work well during an emergency scenario. I have peers that prefer storing food utilizing canning and pickling techniques. There are others that choose to store freeze dried and dehydrated foods. What we do have in common is that we all tend to keep our refrigerators and freezers well stocked. This ..

Survival Gear Review: Benjamin Trail NP2 Air Rifle

2017-08-21T01:35:30+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

I peered through the ocular lens of the scope, reached up with my trigger hand, and cranked the magnification dial up to 9x. I needed precision for this shot; my quarry wasn’t going to let me get a second chance if I missed. Fifty yards away, the beady-eyed, fanged animal peered back through the cross-hairs at me – almost as if it was daring me to try to end its until-then-peaceful meal, high up in the tree. I sneered, spat on the ground, and started my breath control and taking up the trigger slack as the duplex cross-hairs commenced their rhythmic dance around my opponent’s cranium. By Drew, a contributing author of Survival Cache & SHTFBlog I could clearly see the offal of the animal’s prey in its mouth, and falling on the ground around the tree, cascading down into a grim pile below. Time stood still as the perfect combination of heartbeats, breath, and trigger pressure coincided, and I clearly recall the magnificent beast, darkly silhouetted in the dappled light of the late afte..

13 Rubbing Alcohol Survival Uses You Need To Know

2017-08-15T02:02:23+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

Rubbing alcohol is one of those multi-use items that we all have in our homes. It’s inexpensive and is useful for so many things. You will be amazed just how many survival uses it has! Let’s take a quick look at the rubbing alcohol survival uses I’ll be covering in this article: Fire starter Remove ticks DIY ice pack Dry out cold sores Destroy Unwanted Pests Soothe mosquito bites Clean your eyeglasses Use as a degreaser Soothe sore joints and achy muscles Sanitize your hands Dry out wet ears and prevent infection Get rid of nail fungus Sterilize first aid equipment 13 Oddball Uses For Rubbing Alcohol When TSHTF 1. Fire Starter Rubbing alcohol is extremely flammable and should always be kept away from an open flame. However, this makes it the perfect fire starter! Just simply squirt very small amounts onto the wood and you will have no trouble getting a fire started in dry weather conditions. I suggest using matches and not an actual lighter as you can just throw the match into the wo..

Making Beef Jerky At Home

2017-08-13T03:26:48+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

Despite what you may see on television, in a survival scenario food is not your top priority. However, it is one of the pillars of survival. Eventually, you need to find food, and protein is king. Without consistent protein, your body starts to eat itself for energy. As this happens, you lose strength, mental capacity, and coordination. So you take the time and effort to spear a hog in the wild, but now what? If you get a large source of protein, how do you preserve it? Without freezing, most people would watch their meat spoil and become ridden with maggots. However, making beef jerky is a great way to preserve that meat in the wild. Making Beef Jerky: How To Preserve Meat For Survival Jerky is simply meat that has had all of the moisture drawn out of it. No matter how you make jerky understand that you are drying the meat, not cooking it. If you dry the meat properly and keep it in a cool, dry place, it will stay good for months. This is perfect for a survival scenario in which yo..

Survival Skills Everyone Should Know And Be Able To Do

2017-08-10T02:46:22+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

You can never really prepare yourself when SHTF. Take a look at some movies about how the world will end, and they can only tell you ONE THING: that no one is ever prepared for the aftermath. For example, the aftermath of a nuclear fall-out is living/surviving/thriving with radiated and uninhabitable terrain, radiated waters, and lack of food. The aftermath of a destroyed ozone layer is living our days in an underground shelter with a barren wasteland on top of us. Survival Skills Help Us Survive. PERIOD. Survival skills, like the ones that I’m going to list below, have been around since God knows when. Even with the advent of modern technology, these survival skills proved time and time again that they are still important, essential, and relevant to outdoors enthusiasts, hunters, doomsday preppers, and even your average Joe and Jane. No, buying the high end survival gear does not make you a survivalist, but learning these survival skills will. So what are these skills? Building a s..

Top 10 Reasons To Never Leave Home Without A Paracord Bracelet

2017-08-08T02:25:48+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

I was first introduced to paracord (550 cord) as an active duty, United States Marine. Our gear was always “dummy-corded” using 550 cord. When we were out in the field, our go to cordage was always 550 cord. I immediately appreciated its durability but its multi purpose applications are what really impressed me about paracord. Paracord was first used by the U.S. military in parachute suspension lines; hence the name paracord. It is enclosed in a nylon sheath with various, individual strands, making up its core. The Military-Spec Type III paracord is rated with a minimum breaking strength of 550lbs. Hence the nickname, 550 cord. Paracord is so versatile that it was even used by astronauts to repair the Hubble Space Telescope on one of its missions. Paracord is a favorite of our military community, but as of late, the survival community has greatly embraced the benefits of paracord. When it comes to emergency preparedness, cordage is one of the top items on my list. It’s a must when I ..

7 Tips To Safely Cross Creeks, Streams, Rivers, and Rapids

2017-08-07T16:19:56+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

Over the river and through the woods, to the bug out location, we go… But be careful, that first step can be a real doozy. If you’re not careful and cross a river the wrong way it could really put you up a creek without a paddle. Follow these 7 tips to safely cross that stream and make it to the other side. Survival Skills: 7 Tips To Safely Cross Creeks, Streams, Rivers, and Rapids Whether you’re camping out or bugging out on foot. One of the most dangerous and unpredictable things you can encounter is a body of water. Even if it looks easy, as little as 6 inches of fast flowing water can sweep you off your feet and put you in a serious situation. If you can, find another way around, a natural bridge, or a natural narrowing of the water that you can hop across, or a wider section with a slower flow rate. But if going around isn’t an option these 7 steps could just keep you out of harm’s way. 1. Do Not Cross Deep Rivers Even if it looks calm, a river with a thigh high water level c..