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February 2018

Introducing Frailejones: The Andes’ Perfect Survival Plant

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Cattails, amaranth, clovers, and dandelions are all typical plants of choice for the survivalist, but what about the frailejon? If you’ve never heard of it, don’t worry; most people outside South America have never even seen one before. These amazing survival plants are only found in a very specific region of the Andes, where the climate is just right for them to flourish. For hikers, explorers and other outdoor enthusiasts traveling in this part of the world, frailejones can serve as a critical survival and medicinal plant. When the going gets tough, these plants are your best friends. Or, you could use your knowledge of frailejones to impress fellow travelers next time you’re hiking in the Andes. There are many plants helpful for survival that you can grow at home, check out our list here. What is Frailejon? Frailejon is immediately recognizable. While exploring the foggy flanks of the northern Andes, you’ll no doubt catch glimpses of shadowy, slender figures dotting the landscape..

Tent vs. Hammock Camping: And the Winner is…

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Camping hammocks have exploded in popularity in recent years, but are they all they’re cracked up to be? Over the past year, I’ve been toying around with my camping hammock, to see how it measures up to my tent. The results might surprise you. Before trying hammock camping for yourself, check out our guide to basic hammock camping. Advantages of a hammock Trees are everywhere At first glance, the camping hammock seems far more restrictive than the traditional tent – at least regarding finding the perfect spot to crash for the night. Surely it’s a pain in the backside to find the perfect pair of trees, right? Wrong. On most popular wilderness hiking trails, there’s never a shortage of trees. Most national parks have plenty of trees, and even relatively sparsely vegetated regions still have plenty of spots to string up a hammock. You just think that they aren’t there because you haven’t been looking. If you’re still unconvinced, then try this experiment: next time you go for a walk i..

11 Weird Ways to Start Fires

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Sometimes it’s hard to know how to start a fire. Perhaps you’re out of matches, or maybe the weather is horrendous. Sure, there are plenty of smart, easy ways to start fires, but why be conventional? Over the years, generations of fire starters have figured out some pretty weird ways to start fires. Are they all practical? No. Are they all awesome? Yes. If you’re looking for more conventional ways to get a fire going, check out this article. Or check out this article for how to make the perfect campfire every time. Odd Ways to Start Fires Fresnel Lens Fresnel lenses are all around you, but you might not know it. It is a kind of glass used to magnify light and can be found in some rear-view mirrors. However, the most common place you’ll find one is in any old, large television. Modern LCD and plasma TVs of the last few decades are more advanced in their technology, but older projection sets commonly include a Fresnel lens. Simply remove the lens, and use it as a magnifying glass to cr..

How to Mark Trails Like a Pro

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Learning how to mark trails isn’t as difficult as you may think. With a few basic pointers, anyone can mark a path from scratch and provide a reliable route for hikers for years to come. All you need is a hatchet, some paint and a sense of care and interest. Basics of Trail Marking Whether you’re creating a leisurely hike through your property or planning a survival route, knowing how to mark trails correctly can make a big difference. There’s nothing in the world better than a well-marked trail, and nothing more frustrating than the opposite. This article looks at the basics of how to mark trails. We review the most commonly-used methods, and how to apply them to your paths. Bear in mind, however, that just because a process is listed here, that doesn’t mean it’s appropriate in all contexts. Keep in mind that while you’re generally free to do whatever you like on your land, the same cannot be said for public property – not to mention other people’s backyards. If you start smearing p..

Ready-Made Survival Meals That Actually Taste Good

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Finding the best ready-made meals isn’t always easy. With so many on the market, it can be hard to know which ones will actually taste good. So, we’ve put together a list of some of the best ready-made meals out there, both for outdoor activities and survival preparation. The Best Ready-Made Meals The best ready-made meals are more than just bare sustenance. Sure, nutrient bars and bare gruel might keep you going, but when SHTF you’re still going to need a decent meal every so often. That’s what this list is for. These ready-made survival meals are among the best you’ll find, whether for weekend camping trips or for survival preparation. Bear in mind that we’ve decided to mostly steer clear of bulk long-term storage options, as they’re a whole world of their own. This list also excludes homemade survival meals, so once you’re done stocking up on the best-packaged food, consider checking out DIY options. Making your own granola is easy, or try our recipe for Civil War fire cakes. La..

3 Survival Knives You Need From Blade-Tech Industries

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Blade-Tech Industries focuses on what their customers need in blade technology. They supply members of law enforcement and the armed forces as well as hunting enthusiasts and survival experts. Blade-Tech Industries is ever increasing their research and development. As an American manufacturer Blade-Tech Industries puts their country first and supplies only the best. With this in mind, here are three Blade-Tech knives you need for survival. The RipTide Karambit The RipTide by Blade-Tech Industries is a Karambit style knife and rapidly deploys via a lever located on the back of the blade itself. This knife is also assisted by a kicker so the blade is easily deployed with the tip of the index finger. The belt clip is an ambidextrous belt clip allowing left-handed individuals all the same benefits as right-handed individuals. The finger well is smooth and not oversized making the RipTide a great hunting and self-defense blade in cold weather while gloves are worn. The RipTide by Blade-Tec..

8 Steps to Survive Anything

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You never know when disaster will strike, so you must be prepared for every eventuality. Check out this article for 8 steps to survive anything. Basic Survival Knowledge As a young Airman teaching students at the U.S. Air Force Survival School, I was posed a riddle by one of my officer students. He said to me, “Imagine you are lost in the woods, it’s freezing cold, hypothermia is setting in, and you come across a cabin in the middle of nowhere. You enter the cabin and there is a lantern, fully functional and ready to go. There is also a wood-burning stove and a stone fireplace with paper and kindling. What do you light first?” I replied, “I would light the fireplace.” A large smile spread across his space and he said, “Nope, you light the match first!” Then it was my turn to smile and reply, “But sir, we don’t use matches!” And I also reiterated that as an Air Force Survival Instructor, we NEVER became lost. It was refreshing to see that the lieutenant was thinking about survival mat..

Medicinal Herbs You Can Grow In Your Indoor Garden

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If you’re planning on setting up an indoor garden, I suggest including medicinal herbs in it. Growing these herbs in your indoor garden would be both useful and satisfying! 7 Medicinal Herbs To Include In Your Indoor Garden Growing medicinal herbs indoors could save you a trip to the doctor for minor illnesses like rashes or coughs. Wouldn’t it be great to have these herbs right at your fingertips when you need them? You can make tea, tinctures, salves, and balms, plus you can also use these amazing herbs for your sumptuous meals! So, let me introduce you to 7 of the wonderful medicinal herbs you can grow in your indoor garden. Scroll on! 1. Thyme Thymol, an active component of thyme, is responsible for the antiseptic and aromatic properties of the medicinal herb. Its antiseptic property can help relieve someone suffering from congestion, cough, indigestion, or gas. The next time you have minor coughing, consider drinking some thyme tea! 2. Rosemary Rosemary is an aromatic medicina..

Couples Defense: What You Can Do With Your Partner To Stay Safe

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Forget the chocolate and flowers! What better way to say I love you this Valentine’s Day than to commit to staying safe with your partner. This Valentine’s Day, we celebrate couples defense as a vital skill everyone should learn. Couples Defense Is Part of The Survivalist Mentality The world is constantly changing, and in the United States alone there were 3 million preppers in 2013. There isn’t exactly a checkbox to register as a prepper, but the prepping, survivalist and homesteading lifestyles have been on the rise. A decade ago prepping and the survivalist mindset was seen as dramatic and drastic, but in 2018 it’s a common topic. Between the possible threat from other countries, and the equally frightening threat of natural disasters being a prepper makes more and more sense. Even blizzards on the east coast have names now because of their ferocity, being prepared with survival skills to handle natural disasters, or more, is essential, but what can you do to stay safe with a partn..

Lavender Oil Survival Uses

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For someone who’s an essential oil enthusiast, I could testify there are a lot of lavender oil uses for survival. Lavender is a green plant, producing beautiful purple flowers, known as a natural antibiotic due to its antiseptic properties. Lavender Oil Uses: 7 Benefits of Lavender for Survival With its antiseptic properties, this plant is a popular choice for home remedies, helping relieve a number of illnesses such as headaches, anxiety, or upset stomachs. This wonderful essential oil has been a go-to first aid treatment of my family for a long time now. Get to know some uses for lavender oil as you read through this article. 1. First Aid Image via Jeremy Noble | Flickr If you have scalds or burns, apply topically some lavender oil on the affected area to prevent blisters from forming. This can also lessen the pain from the scalds or burns. Additionally, if you apply lavender oil to minor scrapes, this can avoid scarring. Lavender oil is definitely a must-have in your first aid kit..

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