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Perfect Spots To Set Up Your Home Security Cameras

2017-10-24T01:59:53+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

Even if you have the best home security cameras, you still need to install them in the right spots to make sure your home is protected against theft. Read on and find out the ideal places to set up your cameras! Home Security Cameras: Catch Thieves Red-Handed A well-monitored home is a safe home. According to the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association, the chance of burglars invading houses without a security camera is three times higher than breaking into those with one. Well-placed cameras not only help identify intruders and increase the likelihood of catching them, but it also makes thieves hesitant to break into a home. Before you decide to install home security cameras, know the perfect spots to put them. 1. Front Door The front door of your home is the most popular entry point for burglars and criminals. While you may think most thieves will shy away from accessing them, an estimated 34% of burglars enter through the front door. Experts say that placing cameras about sev..

6 Simple Steps to Protect Your Mail Against Vandals

2017-10-24T01:59:59+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

When it comes to vandalism, there is not a greater item at risk than your mailbox as thieves can easily steal your mail. It’s a perfect target for vandals, hence, there’s no better time to learn how to protect your precious mail from thieves than now! Secure Your Mail from Vandalism and Theft Mailbox vandalism has become a lot more common than it used to be. Anybody can knock off your mailbox if it’s not well built and fixed properly in the ground. However, it does not provide you ample amounts of protection and care you need. Therefore, in order to make sure your mailbox gets maximum protection and remains safe from any sort of vandalism, here are six important steps you need to do! 1. Always Report Theft A lot of people do not really report the theft of their mailbox property. They think it’s not worth the hassle of complaining. However, rather than just holding back the report, it would be best for you to make an immediate complaint of any mail theft straight to your postmaster. ..

Top 10 Natural Remedies for Chicken and Duck Keeping

2017-10-23T23:58:37+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

Making sure that the flock is healthy is vital in chicken and duck keeping. Besides, hatching and harvesting the food you put on the table is the best way to know what your family is really being served on their dinner plates. Chicken and Duck Keeping | Natural Flock Remedies Keeping your flock of chickens and ducks healthy is essential for them to continue laying quality eggs and eating bugs to prevent these pests from destroying the garden. Chickens and ducks are vulnerable to common poultry health issues like Coccidiosis, a deadly parasitic disease that is known as the number one killer of chicks and ducklings. While your birds don’t really need costly hormone injections and antibiotics, I suggest you give these spices a try to aid you in chicken and duck keeping. 1. Black Pepper Black pepper contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients. It also functions as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant. In addition, it helps flush toxins and absorb nutrients from its food sou..

Campfire Infographic | How To Build The Perfect Campfire

2017-10-23T05:49:38+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

This campfire infographic will help start your fire at the camp in no time. It’s a necessary skill, whether you’re just spending the night outdoors or if you’ve found yourself in a dire survival situation. Campfire Infographic | Building Your Campfire in No Time Whether you’re building a campfire to enjoy with friends on a camping trip or keeping yourself warm through a cold winter night, knowing how to build a great fire is a must-have skill. To build the perfect campfire, you need the right combination of tinder and fire starter, as well as the right way to feed your fire with oxygen for it to burn as long as possible. Are you ready to work on your campfire building skills? This campfire infographic will give you the perfect instructions. Editors Pick: Worlds Most Reliable Fire Starter Click here to enlarge 1. Prepare Your Site Choosing the right spot is the first step in building your campfire. Make sure there are no trees and branches right above your campfire. Otherwise, they..

Survival Gear Review: Gränsfors Bruk Small Forest Axe

2017-10-24T03:22:06+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

Growing up we had a what we called a “kitchen axe” that was bigger than a hatchet, but smaller than a felling axe. It was used for everything from making shavings and small kindling for fire starting, to larger kindling, to splitting small rounds and quarters for fire. The kitchen axe lived just outside the kitchen door, but even found duties with meat prep and game butchering. In fact, the kitchen axe was an all-round indispensable tool that made its way onto camping trips as well. By Doc Montana, a Contributing Author to SHTFBlog and Kitchen Axe I hadn’t thought much about the kitchen axe until I needed just such a tool. In my stable of axes and hatchets from the short handled Gränsfors Bruk Hand Hatchet with a 9” handle, to my Gränsfors Bruk American Felling axe with a 35” handle. While the extremes in size are nice, what would also be an excellent option is something right down the middle. A axe that behaves as an axe while also behaving as a hatchet. Or perhaps..

Shemagh or Bandana Uses | Simple Survival

2017-10-19T21:01:12+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

One of the most versatile tools you can have in a survival scenario is a shemagh or bandana. A shemagh is simply a large bandana, normally about three feet by three feet. You have probably seen special forces soldiers with a shemagh tied around their necks. Many people keep them on hand because they are great at covering your face and head. However, there are many additional functions for a simple cloth like this. I carry mine with me on every survival challenge I attempt. In this article, we will cover some of the many shemagh uses. 12 Shemagh Uses | How To Use A Bandana For Survival 1. Filter Water The cloth from a shemagh or bandana can be used as one of your layers in a DIY water filter to remove debris from the water. Then sand and charcoal can remove other impurities to make your water safe to drink. 2. Bandage a Wound When you are faced with a wound that is bleeding excessively, you must stop the bleeding and protect the wound from infection. A shemagh is large enough that you..

8 Unusual Booby Traps to Protect Your Home

2017-10-17T04:33:40+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

Remember when Little Kevin, in the film Home Alone, had to come up with some creative and innovative booby traps in the house to fight off burglars? This flick serves as a great reminder that you can use just about anything home security if you put your mind to it. Kickass Booby Traps That Will Protect Your Homestead A booby trap is a device or rig intended to threaten, harm, or kill a person with the element of surprise, usually unknowingly triggered by the victim. In this age or time where our society is quickly heading into lawlessness, you can never be too sure. These traps can be a delaying tactic, harassment, or even pin down the enemy if set up perfectly. Don’t let your guard down and protect your home and your family. Here are some of our favorite creative booby traps guaranteed to kick the enemy’s ass when SHTF: Click here to enlarge 1. Tripwire Image via collective A tripwire is a wire or a cord stretched close to the ground and attached to an explosive or to an alarm that ..

Learn To Set Up A Survival Perimeter Alarm

2017-10-14T03:36:47+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

Whether you need to secure your home, campsite, or bug out location, setting a survival perimeter alarm is vital. This is the process up putting systems in place that will keep unwanted people or animals from entering your area. There are several different layers of protection that you can use for a perimeter alarm, and each serves a different purpose. Whether you want an elaborate system of protection or something simpler, it is vital that you set a perimeter as soon as you get settled in your given area. Where to Set your Survival Perimeter Alarm When you first decide to set a perimeter around your area, you may not be sure exactly where that perimeter should be. You must think about your perimeter from the perspective of needing to defend your area. Your perimeter should be close enough to your location that you can see the whole line. However, far enough that there is a safe distance between you and the perimeter. The perimeter is the point where you may decide to shoot at an intr..

Survival Gear Review: The Rolex Deepsea Watch

2017-10-24T03:22:08+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

In the opening events of one the many apocalyptic fiction books I’ve read there was a scene where a woman’s Rolex stopped due to the EMP. My first thought was she must have had a counterfeit watch with a quartz movement. All real Rolex watches have a mechanical movement. Not an electrical circuit, battery or microchip in sight. In reality, Rolex watches have been a go-to timepiece globally for special ops boys and girls and tough guys for half a century, especially SEALs and other big guns. I remember my dive instructor loved to tell the story about watching his Rolex Submariner go flying off his wrist while he was lobbing grenades in Vietnam. Must have been left-handed was my first thought. By Doc Montana, a Contributing Author to SHTFBlog and The Apocalypse Watch In the field of survival, especially that where a significant amount of prediction is needed, it is often fun to review those pieces of kit that might be beyond the esoteric. Such as a $12,000+ watch for ..

Product Review: Wysi Wipe | Perfect For Your Bug Out Bag

2017-10-13T07:24:33+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

Wysi Wipe multi-purpose wipes are a revolutionary product that will make every trip more convenient. These toilet paper tablets come in handy when you need them the most! Wysi Wipe: Making Toilet Paper a Thing of the Past Toilet hygiene and preparedness is necessary in our daily lives. That’s why toilet paper and wipes are essentials in the office, in the car, or when backpacking. However, rolls of toilet papers can take up a lot of space in our bags, leaving us with not enough room to store other important things. Well, the solution to this dilemma is here. Introducing Wysi Wipe, a toilet paper tablet that answers the call of nature in the most convenient way. Scroll down to find out more about it. 1. What is a Wysi Wipe? Image via Amazon Wysi Wipe is a biodegradable, compact, 3/4 inch-wide toilet paper tablet. Upon applying water, each tablet will turn into an ample 9×9 inch wipe. It is a great alternative to traditional toilet paper if you don’t have any more space in your bug out..