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Should You Add a Gas Mask to Your Survival Kit?

2017-04-30T11:11:11+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

My first experience with a gas mask was on Parris Island, when I entered United States Marine Corps boot camp. We had gone through various classes on how to operate our gas masks and were properly fitted before we were issued our personal mask. We also received instruction on other issued gear in order to have better protection against various NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) attacks. -This post was originally published on Gun Carrier and has been shared with permission- Do You Have A Gas Mask in Your Survival Kit? Once we completed hours of instruction, as well as practice with our NBC gear, it was time to put our equipment to the test. I heard about the dreaded “gas chamber” well before I ever stepped off the bus that brought me to where U.S. Marines are made. None of us mentioned the gas chamber in detail, but we all held in that bit of fear from the tales that we were told about the infamous gas chamber. We were taken to a location that looked like most of the other buildings..

Companion Plants To Benefit Your Survival Garden [Survival Life]

2017-04-30T11:11:29+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

Companion planting is a technique that has been used for centuries by gardeners and farmers worldwide. Companion plants are basically different plants planted together – plants that are beneficial to each other. -This post was originally published on Homesteading and has been shared with permission- Here’s a great example! The Native Americans used a technique called The Three Sisters in which they would plant corn, beans, and squash together. The corn provided a structure for the beans to climb, the beans provided nitrogen for the soil that the other plants would utilize, and the squash would spread along the ground to prevent weeds. Other great benefits of companion planting include: Deterrence of various pests Attraction of beneficial insects Great for overall plant growth and flavor In this article, I’ll cover the best companion plants for your survival garden so you and your family can have the healthiest garden yet! Let’s get started! Companion Plants For Your Survival Garde..

Bugout Bag Spring Cleaning | Revising Your Bug Out Bag Is A Must

2017-04-30T03:08:30+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

As the ground starts to thaw and the world starts to become green again, it is time to review your bugout bag. I suggest that you inventory the contents of your bag with each season as different weather will require different contents. During your bugout bag spring cleaning, your focus should be all about moisture. Bugout Bag Spring Cleaning In most parts of the world, spring means rain. This additional moisture along with warmer temperatures brings new challenges and opportunities. By dropping some of your cold weather gear and adding some additional items, you can be sure that you have the best possible chance for survival in a bugout situation. Moisture In the springtime, moisture is your enemy. This means that you must have items in your bag to help combat that moisture. Having a compact poncho or rain suit is an absolute must. Remember that you can die from hypothermia in temperatures as high as 60F is your clothes are wet. Between the two, I prefer a rain suit over a poncho. P..

Cyber Attacks | Survival Life’s ‘How To’ Tips

2017-04-29T02:57:14+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

The current technology available to people today made the volume of cyber attacks increase, that’s why we need to be extra vigilant and responsible whenever we access the web. Cyber Attacks: Living Through Digital Life’s Threats Getting hacked by a cyber attacker is something nobody wants. Stolen information and security breaches on your bank account are real threats that can be avoided. If it does happen are you capable of recovering from it? Here are a few tips that can help you keep cyber hacks at bay and keeping your digital life intact. 1. Start Investing In Security and Protection Measures image via You can either get those free trial programs online or invest in a more elaborate security program that will protect your passwords and all your data. This may cost you but it is well worth the investment compared to losing all your personal data. Not to mention your money. 2. Be Proactive image via The best solution is not to give a cyber attacker any l..

7 Military Disaster Survival Tips | Survival Life

2017-04-27T02:21:10+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

The causes of a military disaster may vary from the clashing of two evenly matched forces. When you’re trapped in this situation, what should you do? Read on to find out. What To Do When A Military Disaster Strikes Other reasons for a military disaster could be the unexpected push by an opposing army leading to an advantage, bad weather, a new military equipment failure, and bad planning. Whatever the cause, the one most affected by such blows are the civilians in the area. Here are a few tips which might just help you make it out with your limbs still attached. 1. Be Ready image via The possibility of war can be anticipated days and even months ahead. The news and the people in your community would be buzzing about any possible turmoil. So it is best to be ready just in case it does come your way. 2. Make Your Own Bug-Out Bag image via In the event the SHTF, you will have to get out of the area as soon as possible. As a civilian, you wouldn’t want you and..

Handling Medical Emergencies

2017-04-30T12:11:00+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

Medical emergencies go far beyond straightforward fractures, sprains and breaks; would you know what to do in the case of an asthma attack, fever or dehydration? These things can happen to anyone and at any time, and when they do strike you might find yourself far away from emergency medical care. Then what? By Alex Coyne, a contributing author of SurvivalCache and Here are some common (and not so common) medical emergencies you should be prepared for and what to do… #1: An asthma attack. Chronic asthma sufferers should always have their medication on hand or within reach, especially when they plan on travelling. When they don’t, the first step is to keep the person calm and breathing deeply. Panic only causes the airways to close up further. Caffeinated beverages – coffee and energy drinks – are good in an emergency and can stop an asthma attack in its tracks; they’re always part of the emergency kit for good reason. #2: Handling a fever. A fever is the body’s way of ..

Wild Hog Hunting | Help Your Local Farmers While Bringing Home The Bacon

2017-04-26T08:11:48+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

So who does not love pork, right? For us hunters there is a huge opportunity to score large amounts of pork, and I am not talking about getting it from a grocery store or butcher shop. Wild hog hunting is fun, exciting, and actually helps maintain a better population. It also can put hundreds of pounds of chops, bacon, and ham in your freezer. Wild Hog Hunting Hunting hogs is not something with which I grew up. Like most hunters, I was taught to hunt fowl, deer, squirrels, and rabbits. However, the recent spike in hog populations brought this type of hunting to my attention. Wild hogs are multiplying at an incredible rate, and the animals are destroying farmland all over the country. This gives hunters an incredible opportunity. Population and Effects One of the greatest issues with wild hogs is that they reproduce at a very high rate. The more hogs are born each year, the more food they need to survive. In parts of the country like Texas, hogs are so overpopulated and starved for fo..

10 Must Have Items You Need When Hiking With Your Dog

2017-04-25T07:56:29+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

Whenever I am on a local hike, there is a good chance that you will find my dogs at my side. It has gotten to a point that when I am out of the trail without my dogs… Serious guilt sets in. I use the excuse that hiking with my dogs is imperative for their optimal health; But deep inside, I just want my boys with me on my adventures! Read on to learn the 10 must have items when hiking with your dog. Hiking With Your Dog My dogs add a lot to my hikes. At times, they give me purpose to be out there. They have an abundance of energy and tend to keep me hiking a little further than I would on my own. In addition, if I need to hit the trail for work purposes, I have 2 buddies that I can always count on to accompany me. Luckily, their schedules are usually clear. Another benefit of bringing Bruno, (my Pit Bull) and Manchester, (my Jack Russell Terrier), is that they alert me to wildlife that I would otherwise be oblivious to. From a safety standpoint, they are an early warning system when ..

Turkey Hunting Strategy For The Warm Weather Hunter

2017-04-24T07:48:55+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

I have been looking forward to writing this article about turkey hunting for quite some time. Growing up in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania and in the Ozark Mountain in Missouri, deer hunting is a bit of a given. Once I got to be about 12, it was expected that me, my friends, and every man in the area climb a tree to hunt for deer. However, turkey hunting is quite different. Turkey Hunting Strategy In The Spring A much smaller percentage of hunters go after turkeys each year, and the success rate seems to be much lower. You also will not come home with nearly as much meat killing a turkey verses a deer. However, there are a few major benefits to turkey hunting. One is that hunting in April is much more pleasant than hunting in November. While I feel that bagging a deer is a reward for enduring such horrid weather, I feel like the weather itself is the reward during turkey season. Even if I do not get a bird, I still feel like I came out on top. Another advantage..

Go-Bag Guns | Getting Your Guns In Order When SHTF

2017-04-24T03:45:30+00:00 By |Categories: Featured, General Survival|

A well-prepared go-bag load-out ideally includes some type of hunting and self defense firearm. Why a firearm? There are surely plenty of other options when it comes to self defense and hunting. While this is partly true, firearms can be arguably more powerful for their weight and size and have the added use of being a compact valuable item. Such items can be leveraged as a bartering chip further down the road if you decide you don’t need a firearm. This makes go-bag guns vitally important. Go-Bag Guns Factors and features that were used in judging were primarily weight, size, ammunition, versatility, and availability. In the event that you are resorting to a go bag for any number of reasons, those factors are some of the most important to take into consideration. The main use in mind here is survival first and defense secondary. Using a small caliber rifle to hunt in a survival situation has several advantages. Hunting small game is going to allow for quicker field dress and prepara..